The Seventh-day Adventist church teaches the following very sound Biblical doctrines:

1. God is the Loving, Omnipotent, Eternal, Sovereign Creator of the Universe.
2. The Trinity includes God the Father, Jesus the Son, and The Holy Spirit.
3. The Bible is the inspired Word of God.
4. Jesus Christ is God. He has existed with God the Father from all eternity.
5. Jesus' death on the Cross for our sins is our only way to Heaven.
6. Jesus rose from the dead, ascended to Heaven, and is our Advocate.
7. Jesus will return to Earth in a visible, personal, imminent Second Advent.
8. Man was created sinless, but by his fall entered into sin and depravity.
9. Man is justified by faith alone.
10. There will be a judgment. Jesus is the Judge.
11. Believers are baptized by emersion in water.
12. 7th Day of Rest in memorial of Creation is appropriate.

These doctrines qualify the SDA church as a mainstream Christian denomination.


The church also believes that they have the Spirit of Prophecy
in the person and writings of Ellen White.

Unfortunately, a belief in and adherence to a person,
tends to place the church into the category of a cult.

The following sections list some of the problem areas caused by this belief.

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