The 2300 Day Prophecy of Daniel 8:14
As It Pertains to Antiochus Epiphanes and the Maccabees

Daniel 8:14 in the KJV says, "...Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."

In the NASB (which is much closer to the original Hebrew), Daniel 8:14 reads, "...For 2,300 evenings and mornings; then the holy place will be properly restored."

The 2,300 evening and morning (sacrifices) equals 1150 days. When we apply the Greek calendar that was in use at the time, we find that the time comes out exact.

Daniel 8:14 does not refer to an Investigative Judgment as "God's Messenger" Ellen White says. Rather it refers to Antiochus Epiphanes' awful desecration of the Hebrew sanctuary in the time of the Maccabees.

Few dates in antiquity are better established than the dates of the interruption and restoration of these sacrifices.

The historical book of 1 Maccabees 1:54 states that Antiochus Epiphanes set up an abominable idol upon the altar of God on the 15th day of the 9th month of the 145th year of the kingdom of the Greeks.

In 1 Maccabees 4:52-53 we find that "sacrifices according to the law" were offered again starting on the 25th day of the 9th month of the 148th year. This ended Antiochus Epiphanes' desolation and properly restored the true temple sacrifices.

At that time, the year in the Greek calendar had 360 days according to Herodotus. In order to make the calendar coincide with the seasons as the Earth orbited the sun, they added INTERCALARY (inserted into the calendar) months when needed.

There were three 360-day years from the 145th year to the 148th year. There were 10 days from the 15th to the 25th. The 146th and 148th years being intercalary and having an extra 30-day month added, comes out perfectly.

If we do the math it comes out as follows:

3 X 360 days equals 1080
10 days from the 15th to the 25th 10
2 X 30 (intercalary months) 60
Total 1150

1150 is exactly the number of morning and evening sacrifices that would make up the 2,300 daily sacrifices of Daniel 8:14.

And remember, Daniel wrote this prophecy centuries before it happened. The angel who spoke to Daniel knew the future. The divine nature of the book of Daniel is verified by this prophecy. God's Messenger told Daniel there would be a king who would arise out of one of the four divisions of the coming Greek empire who would attack the Holy Land and stop the daily sacrifices 2,300 times. *

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Daniel 7 was written in Aramaic about 553 BC.
Daniel 8 was written in Hebrew about 550 BC.
1 Maccabees was written about 100 BC - 450 years after Daniel 8.

The Bible is truly a miracle!

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