Made of a REAL actual walnut shell

with a small brass hinge epoxied on it.

Inside are two papers printed on an inkjet printer
and sprayed with clear gloss enamel for protection.
They have been glued in place using small pieces of thick cardboard.

The hinge works very well.
The nutshell opens and closes precisely.

This is a great way to help kids remember
this all-important Bible text!

These are very easy to make.
Carefully crack open a walnut shell and remove the nut.
Get a 3/4 inch brass hinge from a hardware store (they come two in a package.)
Epoxy hinge in place with walnut shell closed. I use JB Weld wood weld epoxy.
Be sure not to get any epoxy in the moving parts of the hinge.
After epoxy sets, walnut shell should open and close easily.
Set type on a computer. Use larger type in bold for the first letters so the
word GOSPEL shows up well. Spray both sides of the paper with clear protectant.
Cut out two typed elements. Be sure they will fit inside the shell.
Cut two pieces of cardboard (from back of scratch pad)
and glue everything in place.
Don't cover nut in clear protectant as you want it to look like a natural nut.